Beacon can be easily embedded to a WordPress website using the Header and Footer scripts plugin. You can follow the text tutorial, or the video tutorial given below.

To embed Beacon on your entire WordPress website in one go

  • Once the plugin is installed, you should go to Header and Footer Scripts option in the Settings on your dashboard.
  • You should find two sections Scripts in Header and Scripts in Footer. Paste the embed code in any of these sections.
It is recommended that you paste the embed code in Scripts in Footer section.
  • Click Save settings, and Beacon should be added to your entire WordPress website.

To embed Beacon on any single page/post of your WordPress website

  • Once the plugin is installed, go to the page/post in your dashboard where you want to embed Beacon too.
  • You should find Insert script to <head> section. Paste the code here, and click on Update to save the changes.
  • Alternatively, if you don't want to use the plugin, paste the code into text section of the editor.

Video Tutorial

The following tutorial gives clear step-by-step instructions to add Beacon on your WordPress site/pages/posts.
Last modified 3yr ago